What are reusable nursing pads?

Reusable nursing pads are round fabric pads worn in between your nipple and your (regular or nursing) bra to stop any milk leaking between feeding your child. There are also disposable nursing pads on the market, however I have found these to be quite itchy and irritating to my skin and the nursing mothers I have spoken to have found the same. The reusable nursing pads are machine washable and can be re-used (as the name suggests). Nursing mothers wear the reusable pads in the day and night. Night time milk leakage is generally heavier so a larger pad is often recommended.

Why do I need nursing pads?

Nursing Pads are worn to stop any milk leakage seeping through your bra and onto your clothes. They also prevent your nipples staying moist which can lead to infections.

How often should I change my nursing pads?

It really depends on how much leakage is happening and if you are weaning you might not be leaking as much in between feeds or if you are expecting you may find that you leak a lot during the night etc. It is recommended that you change your reusable nursing pads a few times a day. If your reusable pads feel wet, you should change it to avoid any infections. You don’t want your nipples to stay moist as thats when the nipples could start harbouring bacteria.